Two Psychic Chicks – Women’s Expo in Novi – April 30th through May 3rd

Hey All,

It is a beautiful day when I can tell you about my next adventure!

My fabulous friend, Pauline and I will be at the International Women’s Expo in Novi, Michigan.

This is being held at the Suburban Showplace in Novi and what a time this will be!!

Tons of vendors with great gifts ideas for Mother’s Day too!!

Print this out, bring it with you and receive 10% off merchandise and $5 off a reading at our Booth – #607.

Good for this show only!!!

Hope to see you there!! Smile and All!!


They say happiness is overrated – Well, not anymore. I have been witness to a movement of sorts and it is time. Long overdue. Happiness may not have been important before, but it makes a profound difference in everyday life. Which is why I am writing. Never forego your happiness just to make someone else happy. Life will become drudgery if you let it. Let it flow. Choose it. Receive it.
If you don’t know where to start, then just practice smiling. Put an order to the Universe to help you find it. To cultivate it. Normally, it is within. It just takes a little time and effort. Plus you never know who is out there to help you too!! We all serve a purpose. So, let someone help you. Their is meditation and all manner of self-help and much more out there to assist. See what comes to you. Don’t push it away.

You know it is there, just gotta remove the blocks to it. Really get yourself out of the way. No matter what you have learned or been programmed with or society has tried to sell you, you can have it.

You just need to want it!!

Here’s to the rest of and the best of your life!!

Kristin Joy

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