Psychic – Children and Teens

To say the world is weird is putting it lightly. We all are having changes and shifts going on within that are making us question many things and beliefs in life. It is a good thing. Even though change can be upsetting, it can be more so for our psychic youngsters.

If you have ever heard the terms – Indigo, Crystal kids, then you are not alone. The ages can vary up to forties. The point is merely that they buck the norm and too many are being labeled as add or adhd. I have noticed more and more, especially the elementary, preteens and teens having an increasingly harder time with the way things are. If that is the case, do what you can as a parent, teacher, etc and really listen. Be open to learning a different way to understand them. Doesn’t mean you ignore bad behavior, but this is a new life for them and we aren’t doing them any favors. They are more sensitive to this world and its teachings, way of life, food, etc. Our parents way of doing things and grandparents is all changing. We are all waking up in our own way and these youngsters are showing us the way, if we would only PAY ATTENTION. We will need to work together and make it a better place for all. Not saying just let people treat you badly or bully or whatever, just need to do things different, better. For the planet and the creatures that share this planet with us. It is a gentler, positive new world that we all want. That is a great part of what they are teaching us. End the old – greed, war, bullying, poverty, etc. It is time. No repeats. Gentle, joyful, loving, kind, world.

I am more than ready for that.

How about you?

Much love,

Kristin Joy

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