Whether you believe in them or not, crystals can be utilized to help you in different ways, depending on the issue. It is in no means a substitute for professional advice, but their is scientific evidence behind it.

With that being said, today I would like to feature a beautiful crystal called Amazonite. Blue- Green in color.

This little beauty can help block electromagnetic pollution, like that cell phone you are constantly using. Keep it with the cell phone or even tape it to it. Also with microwaves.

Also can assist with filtering info and combine it with intuition. A soothing stone. Good for the heart and throat chakra. Calming for brain and nervous system. Aligns physical body with etheric. Balances masculine and feminine. Helps you to see both points of view in a situation. Helps to alleviate fear, worry and dissapate negativity. Can assist with manifesting efforts.

Such a lovely stone. Wear it how you feel drawn to. The choice is up to you.

Much love,

Kristin Joy

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