We all have beliefs. About ourselves, life, family, etc.

Most important is the beliefs you hold about your life. About yourself.

Do you believe you will never get ahead? Or that work is hard and that it has to be that way in order to succeed or have a happy life? Maybe you feel you have to please others just to get along.

Whatever the case may be for you, let me ask you this – Why Suffer?

I BELIEVE that this life is supposed to be joyful, fun and prosperous.

It just takes a little effort on your part to decide what it is that you want. To change your thinking. Maybe you want to suffer. It is your choice. Some things may take time and patience, especially with yourself, but in the end, what did a little thought change hurt you? Nothing.

It is all up to you. This life is meant to be amazing and a gift. Yes. Some days it may not be.

Just change that perspective. Really look at it all. WE have our little lessons, but if you don’t start, no one will do it for you.

Take responsibility and just go for it. Everyone has their challenges, but when is it time to say enough is enough, I deserve better. Well – How about NOW!!

No matter your circumstance or whether you believe in a Divine being or not, you have help.

Just breathe and listen to your inner guru. Listen to your heart. It will not fail you.

Let that Joy flow!!! You deserve it.

Kristin Joy

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