Upcoming Events

You Hoooo!!!

Hope you are having a fantabulous day!!

Spring is coming!!! Also, what a beautiful moon last night. Just magical!

I will be at Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt. Clemens, Michigan this weekend – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Will be there for readings and all around good times.

They are also having a Home and Garden Show.

Come on out and support local business.

On a side note –

If you have been feeling anxious, under pressure, don’t know what to do with it – especially anger brewing, do your best to breathe and maybe do some journaling. Let it out as safely as possible. Get in your car and windows up and just scream. Cry. We are releasing and bringing up old stuff and it is pretty intense for some. If you feel like crying, just do it. Pound a pillow. Talk to someone if you can.

You are not alone. This is LIFE.

Love yourself, always through it all.

Much love,

Kristin Joy

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