Two Psychic Chicks

Hey All,

Much love to you, no matter where you are and what you are doing!!

Announcing –

Kristin Joy is also apart of “Two Psychic Chicks”.

I am so excited to be working alongside a beautiful and gifted Psychic – Pauline. She has asked me to be part of something special and I am honored to do so.

We are traveling, going to Grand Rapids next in March. Then to Kalamazoo at the end of March, Cincinnati in April and Novi at Women’s Expo at the end of April. If you would like more information on our whereabouts or even to have us at your event, contact us. I, along with Pauline also enjoy doing in-home reading parties, phone readings and many other events. Just ask, you never know where we may go!! That is LIFE.

Have an amazing day!!

If you would like more information – or (586) 291-6039

Pauline (586) 939-4320

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