It has been too long

Hello again,

Well. Here we are and could life be going any faster this year. The answer is – yes. It could.

It probably will.

Also, we are starting a Mercury Retrograde tomorrow until around the 25th of this month. If you aren’t familiar with this, then go do some research. I do not live my life by it, but some months it is pretty on. So. What does this all mean? Basically the next few weeks you just need to not start anything new or sign contracts. Try finishing something you may have started and need to complete now. Communication will be affected. Speaking, writing, electronics may have some glitches. If you find yourself in a conversation and you are not sure what the gist is, then get some clarity. You may have to ask in another way. Say you are talking to someone and you are not sure what they are saying and it is confusing, then it just may be that you need to ask again and ask them to be more specific. Instead of getting frustrated or thinking the other person is off their game, take a moment or two and you may have to just let it go. This is part of what Mercury does at this time. It is a small part. Mercury may add a bit of confusion to everyday things or happenings that normally wouldn’t. Don’t worry. This too shall pass. Oh yes. Stay as calm as you can on the roads. Breathe. Double and triple check before backing out and changing lanes too. The more you know, the better it can be for all.

Very excited. Just finished a long stretch with physical therapy and very grateful. I feel better, just have to keep up the post exercises to keep it going. Grateful for all the help I had at Dynamic Rehab. From the front desk to all the Physical Therapists and Assistants, it was a positive experience. So, if you find yourself needing some help in the area of neck and back issues, then maybe you need a little re-training for yourself. Try Dynamic. Some days we think we don’t need it, but it may just be the key to strengthening areas in your life that need it. It is all about balance in life. You can’t forget about yourself. If you aren’t at your best then all else may suffer. Yes, I would have preferred just to go to massage or pedicures or other things, but you never know what good it may do or who you will meet. That is the other facet. People. I was blessed to meet a very personable and kind staff. All the varying stories and backgrounds. That is what makes life worth living. It all matters.

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