One card reading

This is a general one, but maybe it will shine just a little light in the right direction.

We have loved ones around us all at this time. I mean those that have passed on to their next journey.

I will be pulling a card from the Talking to Heaven Mediumship cards by
Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh.

Well, as luck will have it, two cards came flying out.

The first is – We will be together again. Second – You are NEVER alone.

If you can take any comfort from either of these cards, then do so. Remember, You are NEVER alone.

I forget this sometimes, but what a blessing. Take comfort. If you need additional help, then call or email me. (586) 291-6039 or

We can set up a time to chat. Readings are 45 minutes or can do 1 or 2 question readings. Phone, email or in-person.

Much love and many blessings, always,

Kristin Joy

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