Love yourself

Hey Ladies – Of all ages,

When was the last time you said ” I love You” to yourself and really, really meant it?


I am waiting!!

Seriously, has it been that long or (kristin is gasping) NEVER?

What is up with that?

Why the lack of? Do you think you don’t deserve it? Or are you waiting for someone else to do it for you? Hmmmm.

You are your own best friend and true love. I am not knocking relationships, but the love of a lifetime has to start with you. Don’t wait. This world is not teaching females of all ages what we really need to know to help ourselves and feel good about ourselves just as we are. I know their are speakers and writers and many others that do talk about it, but it isn’t enough. This should be a curriculum in schools.

So, if you are just reading this, don’t worry. Start with you – NOW – and have the most wonderful relationship with you. It can take time, but is so worth it. Love every part of yourself. Tell every body part, I love you. By doing so, it will reverberate out into your life and help others to treat you as you want to be treated. It is so simple, but so difficult, because in this world, we are bombarded with the media that says if you aren’t a walking skeleton with boobs today, then we can’t possibly be worthy or beautiful. That is the biggest load of crap. Learn to love you as you are now!!! You are so very worth it!!!

Now, go to a mirror or just put your hand on your heart and repeat after me –
I LOVE YOU!! I LOVE YOU!!!! I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU!! Now breathe deeply in and out and say it again then breathe again and do this as many times a day as you want. Love and joy come from within!! Discover it for yourself!!!

Give yourself a pat on the back and a big hug!!!

You did it!!!!


Much love to myself and all the fabulous females, even to the men,

Kristin Joy

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