Card Reading

Good morning,

A little behind with this weeks, but, better late than never. 

This weeks card was from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Tarot Cards.

It is the 2 of Earth.

Pretty interesting considering we all seem to have a lot on our plates these days.  Earth cards are concerned more with financial, material matters.  Also, health, security, resources, environment.  

We all have so much going on in life that our heads are swimming with junk.  If you are having a time with feeling scattered, this card has come up to help.  Get outside when you can and reconnect with the earth.  Feel the connection and if you can, take your shoes and socks off and put your feet on some grass.  Just stand and breathe and connect.   Seems we are putting too much on our plates and it is not helping with decision making.  Take a little different approach if you can.  Remember how to play?  When we let go and find time a little bit everyday to just sing in the car or dance or get bubbles and blow them or paint, whatever the case may be, it helps to relax and bring in the fresh ideas and solutions.  Then, make your decisions.  If you feel overwhelmed at some point, then let go and play.  Keep this up and it will help you bring a little more joy in your life and be productive at the same time.

Stay open to new possibilities and perspectives and remember to lighten up.  It will help!!


Much love and joy

Kristin Joy

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