Guidance Card Reading

Kristin Joy

Welcome to the newer blog page.  

If you aren’t familiar with what I do on here, then let me tell you.  For the most part I will be doing one card readings, for now.  Just once a week.  I may post other fun stuff on here, but mainly the readings.  I am an Intuitive Reader.  At times I utilize Guidance Cards, otherwise known as Tarot, Angel cards, Numerology cards, etc.   I can also speak with loved ones who have crossed over.  For now, though, I am sticking with the cards on this blog.  Giving you the reader a general reading once a week to help with whatever we all are to know from the Divine that is most important right now.  If you would like a reading just for you, then contact me at

Life has its ups and downs and try try as you may, you…

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